Software Development

You must know the importance of having customized software if you own a business, and your ambitious goals must involve custom software solutions. Infoytech is a custom software development company that has been exclusively built to satisfy your IT related needs. The web design work of the professionals comes with amazing features that are quick and easy to use. It is a standard of our software developers to provide contemporary designs that could fit the needs of every business. Let’s see what steps a software developer goes through while making software and why should you choose Infoytech for offshore software development.

How Do We Work?

It is a process of collective steps involved in making software through the System Development Lifecycle (SDLC). It consists of methodologies that support software designing in a way that could meet specific business needs. The software development, also known as the software life cycle consists of six steps that a software program has to go through while development.

Which Services Do We Offer?

The six steps are named as requirements, design, implementation, testing or verification, documentation, and maintenance.

The first step determines the goals that the program would be capable of doing. Once the goals are set, the process moves towards the next step of designing that answers questions like who will be doing what, what things are needed to be done, and how the program is going to be made. Once a milestone is set, the third step is about implementation in which, the software developers start working on the program. When the program is implemented, it is then tested to know the faults and if it is meeting the business requirements. If there is any issue, it is fixed at this stage, and then documentation is done on how the program is to be used. Then, the software is released in the market, but the developer’s work isn’t complete. The last step is to maintain the program for a longer use up to several years after release.

We believe in providing quality work with ease and minimum amount of problems. We do not hire unprofessional workers in our company, and even if we appoint a newbie, we train him or her according to the growing needs and demands of the Internet world. Our team assists you in both the custom software development and offshore software development. So, even if you live in ant part of the world, we will provide you with the best results.